Rohit Juneja (pronounced ro-hit joo-nay-jaa) was born in New Delhi and grew up in Mumbai, India.

He currently lives in San Diego, California, USA

Life Story: Seeking Truth 

Seeker: from the age of thirteen onwards Rohit began questioning why people worked so hard if in the end they were going to die and leave everything behind. He wondered about the meaning and purpose of life, the existence of the soul and God. He read extensively and was an avid seeker. Without anyone to understand, guide or mentor him, he found himself lost and confused. This led to a series of explorations and detours. Instead of a chosen career in Engineering he opted to study the Arts and Mass Communication. Finally, he left India to study filmmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute. 

Brainwashed: at age 20, a car accident and a close brush with death turned him from an agnostic to a believer in the existence of God. Then at the urging of a charismatic cult guru, he dropped out of college and became a monk. When he realized that he couldn’t honestly be celibate, the guru arranged his marriage with a woman whom he had never met. Many years passed and it became clear that the guru had been deceiving his followers. Rohit and his family left the ashram, moved to India but later divorced. 

Entrepreneur: in Mumbai Rohit started an Art Gallery and later in Delhi a Child Development Center. He realized that managing a business was sucking away his time and energy. It was not bringing him closer to what his heart and soul had been craving. During this time in India he met many mystics and gurus, mentors and guides, psychologists and therapists. He learnt a lot but instead of following anyone, he chose to listen to his “inner voice.” It’s words of wisdom were the truth that he had been seeking all his life. It changed him from the inside out.

Writer and Counselor: inspired by this inner connection with God, he began writing and finally at the age of 45 walked away from his business to pursue being a writer and a therapist. He recieved credentials in spiritual counseling and direction, hypnotherapy and coaching. In 2006 he began his new career and in 2010 moved back to San Diego to share with the world the incredible gifts that life had given him.


Life Lessons

  • Through all his apparent mistakes, Rohit learnt the power of learning from all our experiences without judging or punishing ourselves. When we are   kind, loving and forgiving with ourselves then we evolve and grow rapidly. 
  • By being brainwashed, he learnt firsthand the importance of not letting any organization or system including ones own mind, tell us who we are or how to live our life. He now guides people to find their way back to their authentic self, the greatest source of wisdom and truth, trust their inner voice and harness its incredible power.
  • Through all of life's heartaches and losses he learnt that nothing lasts forever and to cherish every moment and experience that life brings us.


Academics & Certification

  • 2004 Diploma Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy, from the "California Hypnosis Institute," Irvine, California. Also awarded title of "Doctor" & "Registered Medical Practitioner Alternative Medicine" or "Medicina Alternativa" by the "Indian Board of Alternative Medicine" which is affiliated to "Open International University for Complimentary Medicine" & recognized by "United Nations Peace University"
  • 2005 Diploma Certification in Spiritual Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction from the "Transformational Arts College", Toronto, Canada.
  • 2009 Certification as a Business and Life Coach from "Coach U", USA: Core Essentials Graduate.
  • Informally trained with Gurus, Mystics and Therapists from all over the world.  


Since 2006 Rohit has worked professionally as a Spiritual Director / Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Relationship and Life Coach. He sees clients in-person in San Diego and internationally online via Skype or FaceTime.  His books "Loving Soulfully" and "God You Sexy Devil" have been highly acclaimed by readers all over the world.   




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