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Reviews from Yelp

Michele K: Rohit spearhead a radical transformation in my life. He uncovered the truth about many things that were wrong that I had no idea of. He coached me to rise above the crisis I was in by teaching me to look at it with love and patience. He has a calm demeanor and I felt at easy sharing my emotions with him. I can't thank Rohit enough for the work he has done. I discovered deep wounds that had been hiding under the surface and blocking me from the best life I could have. Don't hesitate making an appointment with him today. This is best decision you will ever make for yourself. I guarantee you will see the results in no time once you start working with him. Thank you, Rohit, for all the support! I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me! (3-28-18 / 5-STAR)

Michael T: Rohit is a gifted Spiritual and highly intelligent Counselor/ Coach/ Guide. I am in the Medical Profession and I am very grateful for his brilliant ability to get to the heart of the issue and come up with PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS that you can use right away to begin to heal and grow on your journey. His fees are reasonable and his approach has a high value and utility. His breadth of knowledge and skill set is very large yet he is a humble and gentle soul . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (3-18-2018 / 5-STAR)

Cameryn M: Rohit has done so much for me. He has taught me how to make the positive changes I need in my life so that I can grow and learn to love myself better through all of life's difficulties. He is a gem, there's no one who can get through to me and ask the right questions like he does. He always has the perfect analogy to simplify things and help me to see and fix the underlying problems I struggle with. I would refer every person I know to see him. He is a genius and he comes from such a place of love and compassion thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you've done for me. (3-14-2018 / 5-STAR)

Monique: Rohit is quick getting to the heart of the matter! Spiritual, down to earth, deep, intuitive, & insightful. He's balanced in masculinity & femininity which enhances the quality of relationship issue resolve.
Rohit's guidance & suggested tools can make a difference, so long as you choose to apply them. (11-20-2017 / 5-STAR)

Ben T: Rohit has introduced me to a profound new way of being in the world. Life is brighter and more purposeful now. Working with Rohit feels like having a wise big brother, parent, guru and friend all in one. The highest recommendation is not enough!  Thank you, Rohit! (10-20-2017 / 5-STAR)

Trudy S: Rohit's guidance has opened a whole new perspective on life. His calm demeanor, and insight has lead me to more thoughtprovoking awareness. He is easily reached and accommodating to your needs and schedule. He is not on the clock and gives you the time and attention you need. I felt like I was really being heard and received some great advice. I would definitely recommend him. (9-13-2017 / 5-STAR)

Sandy M: Rohit is a wonderful spiritual counselor and teacher. He is intuitive and always right on target with his assessment and analysis regarding deep rooted schemas. As a psychotherapist I feel he utilizes various approaches including western as well as eastern philosophies well. His ability to use hypnosis to induce past life regression states is absolutely remarkable. I have made tremendous progress in areas of trauma work, self love, self compassion and dealing with relationship issues. Rohit is very kind, caring, intuitive, and very easy to talk too. I feel blessed that I have the chance to work with him here in San Diego. (5-17-2016 / 5-STAR)

D.J.: Rohit is an excellent counselor who believes in giving much more than what he charges. I can't thank him enough for helping me save my marriage. Unlike other counselors, I found his approach very structured. He laid out a clear plan before us, which gave me comfort and confidence. Instead of going into who did what, he was quickly able to identify our main issues and bring them in front of us. He then proposed solutions and helped us whenever we were not able to implement them properly. Great human being! Highly recommend his services. (5-17-2016 / 5-STAR)

Janice C: When you are sick, you go to the doctor, when your tooth aches, you go to the dentist, but when my pain was of a kind that could not be fixed with medicines; I searched for spiritual guidance, and I found Rohit.
I have nothing, but an immense appreciation, for the help and guidance he has been giving me, week after week.
I am slowly acquiring the necessary tools to be a better person; to understand and accept those difficulties I've had in the past, and to take better care of myself, for the rest of my life.
I cannot believe I did not know him earlier, but I guess things only happen when the time is right, and right now I am extremely happy with all guidance he gives me. I highly recommend him. (4-24-2017 / 5-STAR)

Selina D: With a lighthearted twist, he gave me the tools to finding a happier life. Every statement he makes has so much meaning. His suggestions pop up at just the right time to help me cope with the devastating effects of my spiritual journey. Each week I'm learning different techniques that I will practice for the rest of my life. I am so grateful that I found Rohit Juneja. (2-3-2017 / 5-STAR)

‚ÄčAmrita S: I have heartfelt gratitude for Rohit as he helped me in my most difficult times, to help discover & heal parts of myself and my relationship that required help and healing. He is blessed with utmost tools and understanding for this work, an extremely kind and efficient person that he is. I highly recommend him. Thanks. (5-19-2016 / 5-STAR)

Fifi: I feel blessed and really loved to have met Rohit and started seeing him for counseling. 
He is the friend you would want to guide you and show you that the light you were thinking it existed, it really does!!!
If I had to let go of all the friends I think I need and only keep one, I would keep Rohit. He is so wonderful. He has this energy that makes you feel safe and peaceful. 
To be fearless is very scary!!! But with Rohit holding your hand, step by step, it really seems possible and a wonderful journey into the Self. "Open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape rather than make entry for a light supposed to be without" by the poet Browning. Rohit is helping me to do just that!!! (5-18-2016 / 5-STAR)

John S.: I have weekly sessions and find Rohit's approach of combining modern techniques with the ancient & proven well targeted and practical for me. His rate is reasonable and he is straightforward. He picks up on relevant details and is an intuitive listener which is important to me as it saves time. (9-26-2014 / 5-STAR)

Ethan E.: Rohit helped me to break down barriers with regards to romance and love. I saw him on a weekly basis, and each week we would delve into the different blocks I had and he would give me specific exercises, meditations, and techniques to practice between sessions. The progress I made (when I actually applied what Rohit taught me) was profound. (2-26-2013 / 5-STAR)

Asha M: In my opinion, Rohit is a multi-talented Counselor and Life Coach. I feel a deep sense of sincere gratitude, happiness and thankfulness that I had a chance to meet & learn from him. With his support I have been successfully climbing up the stairs of inner strength, peace & success. He has a remarkable, simple and yet profound solutions which makes your fears & problems dissolving at no time. I strongly recommend him! (1-29-2013 / 5-STAR)



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Testimonials from Emails

Alicia: "One of the most inspiring men that I've ever known.♥"

Vaijayanti: "Rohit is genuine coming from a very loving place with a perspective on life that heals hearts."

Ayesha: "I had an amazing Past Life Regression session with Rohit Juneja. It allowed me to have some incredible insights, connect the dots, and brought some much needed peace and understanding about events that were previously unresolved in my mind and heart. The clarity I have received is truly a gift. It offered me the opportunity to better understand my karma and forgive and release. Thank you Rohit! I am very grateful to you. Thank you for all of the concern, compassion, support and healing you tirelessly offer, day after day without any resistance or judgement. The fact that your soul lights up while empathizing and uplifting others, is a testament to the kind of spiritual healer that you truly are. I have no words. It is my hope that you will feel my immense gratitude, my unconditional love and my deep honoring of who you truly are."

Dawn: "I worked with Rohit for awhile and our work together was SO effective that the laundry list of things I wanted to work on actually disappeared after the first few weeks. I highly suggest you reach out to him, get to know him and see what evolves. He has an ability to literally SHIFT my perspective and vibration within a couple of minutes. I have learned so much about the true meaning of love, including what self-love REALLY is. He is a true Guru, in my experience, although he is so humble and down to earth that he would never say that about himself or welcome that idea from others, but he truly lives and embodies what he teaches."

Anaya: "If you ever found yourself questioning your relationships and love, this beautiful being will guide you into a different perspective that will blow your mind.  Rohit has seen and heard my soul. He has helped me in so many ways, it wasn't the easiest process but I was ready and open to understand and transform my life. In those times when I thought my life was crashing down or my heart was slipping back into darkness you "appeared" as an Angel. Thank you for coming into my life when you did, for teaching me what I couldn't see, for being present and listening to my heart. For letting me cry on your shoulder, for being my friend, teacher, for loving me as I am.....KNOW YOU ARE IN MY HEART ALWAYS♥."

Dan: "Rohit Juneja is a wonderful therapist. He is a good listener, provides positive feedback and re-enforcement, and targets the heart of any discussion. His gentle approach using symbolism and role-playing was a refreshing and successful way to push through problems. Highly recommended."

Naina: "I feel a deep sense of sincere gratitude, happiness and thankfulness. I was too caught up in my 'dark curtain of thoughts'. With your support I have been successfully climbing up the stairs of inner strength and peace. I am happy today with a reason, that is, i have found myself today." 

Drishti: "No matter how much I say "thank you" or express my gratitude in words it shall never be enough…. For you have given me this wonderful gift "I'm alive". I always used to sing this song and cry "I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!" and it is you who made me not just sing it with laughter but also achieve it! When I came to you I was completely broken I had lost my confidence, self respect, pride and belief in myself. And of course "happiness" was an alien emotion which I felt belonged to world of "UFOs". I was lost and confused in wanting to achieve my targets/goals in my profession along with my value system integrated with it however, circumstances being such that, I eventually lost out on all. You helped me pick up the pieces again…. Realize my true "self" and then together We reworked on "Me". You helped me resurrect and achieve that, which I could never dream to achieve……..

Today I am successful and happy……. I not just managed to accomplish my organizational goals but, set new targets for myself. Cultivate new skill sets and new learning….. Thank you for setting me on a path of an ever learning journey which, is full of wonderful surprises…. I feel blessed to have known you. You have a genuine care for humanity which, is very touching, you patience and perseverance has helped me be "me". And that is the best gift one can receive……… God bless you for the wonderful work you do."

Sachi: "It's hard to believe but it's true. I'm able to have deep & sound sleep after a gap of 6-7 years, I am no more insecure about my loved ones. My breathing problem is gone and there is no discomfort feeling during the night. My husband is able to express himself properly. He is more confident now. He's no more scared of heights. We've started loving life more than before as we've overcome our fears. We are enjoying and appreciating each day, every minute of our journey of life. We are more energetic and relaxed, thus we have started spending lot of quality time with our kids. And for all this we want to thank only one person & he is our therapist Dr. Rohit. From initial resistance to getting cured has been a wonderful journey for us. He knows his work so well that you are left with no doubts. For us, he has been a guide who helped us to get connected with our real selves and find answers to many of life's puzzles. For us he's the perfect guide of Mind, Body & Soul. Everyone should go for this wonderful journey of rediscovering themselves."

Niharika: "Counselling with Dr. Rohit was very good. He opened my mind to accepting things I denied or did not wish to face. He taught me to live life on my terms and how to deal with people, especially family. He made me see my unclear thought process and question the validity of self depreciating thoughts. There was a sense of relief after sessions with him. He helped me find peace within me, peace which makes us sane in this insane world. :)"

Meeta: "You have been a tremendous help to me. I feel a lot more confident and feel I have a broader perspective to life. And I would like to move on with all the knowledge you have provided me to stay happy, positive and confident and make use of that knowledge."

Anna: "You know Rohit everything makes so much sense when I look at them from your point of view. Sometimes we cannot really see where we are standing until someone else tells us. I wish this world had more reasonable people like you. Why can't men be a little more sensitive like you? You are such an inspiration to live a better life! I can't thank you enough. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your suggestions. With your help I have really tried to get back my life. I am really moving on. You are like an angel in my life. Every time I complain about something to you, it fixes itself. Suddenly I feel so blessed… so filled with excitement and enthusiasm I can't even begin to tell you. You are a wonderful and sensitive person. God bless you. Take care."


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