Past Life Regression Therapy


Past Life Regression Therapy

"As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new physical bodies, giving up the old and useless ones" (Bhagavad Gita)

Our present life challenges have their roots in unresolved emotional traumas from either this life or past lives. These unresolved emotions give rise to inexplicable fears, limiting beliefs, undesirable reactions and debilitating illnesses. Past-life regression therapy is extremely effective in permanently neutralizing, resolving and releasing the effects that the past has been having on your present life.

The Process: The memories of your past life are stored in the subconscious mind. We'll use clinical hypnosis, a form of deep relaxation, to quiet the conscious mind, which guards the doors of the subconscious. You’ll then see, hear, feel and experience your past life just as you would a movie. It all unfolds effortlessly while you’re in a deeply relaxed peaceful state. 

After the session, we’ll contemplate the incidents that surfaced, see how they connect to your present life situations, and learn the lessons and skills needed to prevent similar instances from recurring in your life. As we go through this process, you’ll notice in the months to come how long-held issues heal and disappear from your life. It’s nothing short of miraculous! 

For the skeptics, I propose that you consider the scientific method—observation, hypothesis, prediction, experiment and conclusion. Past-life regression works at the level of the subconscious mind and can’t be understood with left-brain logical thinking. Its true value doesn’t depend on speculation about whether it’s true or false, real or imagined, fact or fiction. The validity of any process is in its effectiveness; in this case, its ability to heal, resolve and eradicate the issues. Try it with an open mind and arrive at your own conclusions.  


Life Between Lives

Our lives aren't random, accidental surges of pain and pleasure. Before being born, we all chose the key events of our lives based on the lessons that we might learn from these events. We write our own destiny! We're the scriptwriters, directors and actors in the drama of our own lives. A major part of this script was planned by us in the “Interlife,” or the “Life Between Lives.” By going back to the light, through regression, you can become aware of the choices you made and why you made them.

We always have a choice: to helplessly keep living the life we once planned out for ourselves or chart a new course by writing a new script that allows us to create the experiences we would rather have. If your life isn't going the way you want, change it and then change it again, until you get exactly what you want. No one and nothing can control, limit or hinder your life journey unless you consciously or unconsciously let them. You are the creator and destroyer, the master and slave of your own life.

Negative Energy/Spirit Release Therapy

Do you: 

  • Hear voices in your head that severely criticize and reprimand you? 

  • Doubt yourself and feel worthless, empty and alone?

  • Fear the world, people and life itself?

  • Say and do things but later have no memory of your words or actions?

  • Have a general feeling of not being in control of yourself, your thoughts and emotions?

  • Regularly feel drained of energy and have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach?

If so, you may be under the influence of negative energies or entities. Almost everyone has them and is influenced by them to some degree. As we go through life—in moments of hurt, anger or despair—they may find a way to gradually influence us from within, eroding our self-esteem, causing us to doubt ourselves and making us feel powerless, helpless and afraid. They may subtly influence our mind and manipulate our actions. And, if we allow them, they'll try to sabotage our life. Like viruses and germs, it’s just what they do. 

Using negative energy/spirit release therapy, I'll help you get free from them and help them find their way to the light. The process is simple, quick and painless. It can usually be achieved in one session. However, giving you the tools to rebuild your self-esteem may take time, nurture and self-love.