Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is a powerful process for healing our deeply held emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds. It’s based on the following premise: Body, mind and soul/spirit are interconnected and affect each other profoundly. Consequently, a holistic, integrated process is extremely effective and efficient at healing. 

Our life’s experiences are opportunities to evolve, become wiser and attain our highest potential in life. We need practical psychological and spiritual tools to discover our true passion and purpose.


Past Life Regression Therapy

Current life challenges have their roots in unresolved emotional traumas from either this life or past lives. These unresolved emotions fester and give rise to inexplicable fears, phobias, limitations and illnesses. With past-life regression therapy, long-held issues seem to dissolve effortlessly.

It's nothing short of miraculous! It doesn’t matter whether you do or don't believe in past lives. Just as logic (left brain) is very different from emotion (right brain), the conscious mind is very different from the subconscious mind. Past-life regression works at the level of the subconscious, revealing and healing ancient wounds held in our psyche.

Try it with an open mind and see for yourself the incredible benefits it brings to your life.


Spiritual Direction & Personal Growth Mentoring

Reading books and attending workshops on personal growth, self-improvement, spirituality or religion doesn’t necessarily make one self-actualized. It takes the guidance of a spiritual director/guide/mentor who walks his/her talk and who can pinpoint exactly how to clear the blocks in attaining one’s spiritual and personal growth goals.  

Rohit does this with humility, gentleness, laughter and a loving heart. His insights, wisdom and simple tools have helped hundreds of people all over the world to evolve spiritually and live incredibly fulfilling lives. He will support you with simple, practical tools that you can use to:

  • Silence your inner critic and chattering mind

  • Live in a peaceful, blissful state all day

  • Be inspired and guided by your inner voice

  • Discover your Soul’s life purpose and authentic power

  • Feel energized and fully alive

  • Live a vibrant, joyful and fulfilled life


Conscious Relationships

Have you believed that if you found the "right" person—your soulmate—then you would live happily ever after? Have you discovered that love, like a mirror, exposes the best and worst in you? Have you noticed how the fairy tale romance gradually turned into companionship, complacency, lack of passion and, at times, a traumatic battleground?

Rohit works with couples to improve the quality of their communication, empathy, vulnerability and acceptance of each other. He supports them in becoming aware of their patterns, breaking down their defenses, opening their hearts and creating an undefended, conscious, soulful relationship.


Success & Life Coaching

In recent times, coaching has emerged as one of the most powerful approaches to supporting leadership and personal development.

The purpose of coaching is to point you in the right direction. In life, there are numerous paths you can take—but with so many options and so little time, which one should you choose?

Coaching can help you plan the route that’s right for you, with practical guidance, encouragement and support along the way.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

To many people, the word “hypnosis” conjures up an image of being unconscious and out of control. This idea is derived from “stage hypnosis” shows performed at a fair or on TV. Clinical hypnotherapy, however, is entirely different. 

In clinical hypnotherapy, you’ll be guided into a deeply relaxed state in which all conscious thoughts stop. This state is often experienced by meditators after much practice. You’ll feel good, peaceful and calm. Another way to describe the experience is to compare it to being in a movie theater. Your attention is primarily on the screen or, in this case, on the visualization or regression images that appear like a movie in your mind. At the same time, you’re aware of the room and anyone in it, you hear the therapist guiding you along with ambient sounds, you respond to questions, and you actively participate in every aspect of the therapy. Nothing is done without your ongoing consent.