7 Steps to Conscious Self Love

"The 7 Steps to Conscious Self-Love” was created by Rohit Juneja - Spiritual Innovator, Thought Leader & Bestselling Author. He works individually with clients as a Spiritual Counselor / Director / Coach.

Rohit has spent over 40 years studying the secrets of Love, from expert Mystics, Gurus and Psychologists all over the world.

He is now excited to share the Science and Technology by which we can free ourselves from our psychological wounding, awaken our Soul and open the doors to a deeply fulfilled, truly abundant life. 

According to Rohit, “If we want to love ourself we have to stop being self critical. May of us have tried and failed. We need a more powerful tool, a higher vibrational force, the Soul that intuitively knows how to love us unconditionally. This program will train you in awakening your Higher Self or Soul and make it the operating system that will guide your mind to a life of peace, joy and endless love." 

You will receive valuable, practical insights, tips and tools to get you started on each of these topics:

  1. Mind On A Leash: Learn How To tame your critical, chattering, overactive mind. Invite the real You, your Authentic Self, to take charge.

  2. Soulfulness Meditation: Learn How To create neural pathways in your brain that make meditation effortless and compelling.

  3. Soul Self Esteem: Learn How To program your subconscious mind with an unshakeable confidence that arises from the Power & Magnificence of your Authentic Self: Soul.

  4. Soul Power: Learn How To live a vibrant life; be focused, confident and fearless; be deeply present and passionate as a communicator and lover.

  5. Soul Based Self Love: Learn How To experience the most fulfilling, lasting, exciting love affair within yourself.

  6. Soul Healing: Learn How To bring acceptance, forgiveness and  release release unconscious behavior patterns that are no longer serving you.

  7. Agape Love: Learn How To become a radiant embodiment of love bringing unconditional love and acceptance to everyone in the world.

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