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Spiritual Counselor

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Life Coach & Personal Growth Mentor

Conscious Relationship Coach

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Past-Life Regression Therapist

Rohit Juneja

A spiritual thought leader & author.  

His unique approach of combining spirituality and psychology—with a special focus on unconditional self-love and taming the "inner critic”—have yielded amazing results with clients.

His gentleness, compassion, practical insights and unconventional wisdom have inspired people all over the world to choose him as their coach, counsellor and mentor.

He is available for in-person sessions at his office in San Diego, California, and for online sessions via Skype, FaceTime or phone—wherever you are in the world. 


I am honored to have the opportunity to support you to love all the unloved parts of yourself, transform emotional wounds and uplift your spirit. With the power of unconditional love, acceptance and compassion, we will embark on a journey of empowerment and spiritual awakening so that you may live a truly magnificent and magical life.

  • Spiritual Counseling

  • Spiritual Direction /Guidance

  • Conscious Relationship Coaching

  • Personal Growth Mentoring

  • Life Coaching

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy 

  • Past-Life Regression Therapy



When I came to Rohit I was completely broken I had lost my confidence, self respect, pride and belief in myself. Today I am successful and happy. You have a genuine caring. Your patience and perseverance have helped me be me.


Rohit has introduced me to a profound new way of being in the world. Life is brighter and more purposeful now. Working with Rohit feels like having a wise big brother, parent, guru and friend all in one. The highest recommendation is not enough.


Rohit has an ability to literally SHIFT my perspective and vibration within a couple of minutes. I have learned so much about the true meaning of love, including what self-love REALLY is. He truly lives and embodies what he teaches.

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Online Webinars: I recently completed my first Webinar Series “Loving Soulfully” where I discussed in-depth about self-love, soul-love and divine-love. For a limited time you will find them on my YouTube Channel. Please sign up below to be informed in advance of my upcoming Webinars.

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This is a book about Love. But not love as we think it should be.

This is a book about soul mates, romance, marriage, adultery, relationships, heartbreak, cheating and sexuality. But not as we have been led to think and believe.This is a book of poetry. But not poetry that expresses flowery sentimental verse. It is a powerful message delivered through poetic prose that resonates with a knowing that lies deep within us on how to transform our relationships into ecstatic, soulful adventures.

Reviews from

"This book is a heartfelt, poetic, truthful and moving account of what's possible in the realm of loving relationships. Rohit's clarity and evolutionary ideas left me with a feeling of expansiveness. I wanted to take my love and widen my circle of relating. The photographs seem to be infused with light. His words feel pulled from a divine mind. Everyone should read this book. The world would be a better place for it." — Carol

"A MUST READ!!! "Loving Soulfully" by Rohit Juneja profoundly touched my Heart and reminded me of my own LOVE ESSENCE. At times I catch myself not remembering who I really am at my core...... and this book, ohhh, it's MAGIC HEART REconnection!!! This book is PURE LOVE!!! Everyone - Read it, Read it!! ♥ " — Selma Patricia


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