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Conscious Relationships:

Love brings the greatest joys, ecstasies, fulfillment and connection—along with the worst fears, upsets, expectations, hurt and pain. You may have been sold the idea that all you have to do is find the “right” person, someone who will "save" you from the troubles of this world and with whom you will live “happily ever after." That might be a great idea for fairy tales but real-world relationships are far removed from such romantic fantasies. 

Like a mirror, love reveals the best and worst in you. It breaks down your carefully defended ego and exposes all its flaws to you and your partner. This can lead to tremendous shock and disappointment. In time, familiarity, complacency and emotional wounds pile up. 

I believe that love is reinventing itself. All around us, in every country and in every home, love is calling us to reexamine our beliefs, break free from traditions and go deeper than we’ve ever gone to discover the true nature of unconditional love. So much that was unacceptable in the past is now normal. But taboos still exist that restrict us, make us feel ashamed and guilty. Meanwhile, betrayal, loss and divorce have been shaking up our idealized notions of love.

We want to find our “soul-mate” but haven’t even figured out how to find our soul. When we find our “soul-mate” we have no idea how to keep such a relationship alive and vibrant. What does a soul-me relationship need? What causes it to blossom or wither away? These are some of the topics I explore in my book “Loving Soulfully” as well as in my Webinars and Online Courses. In couple therapy I explore your unique situation and how we can make your relationship thrive and be vibrant.


A Few Solutions:

Attracting your Soul-Mate: There’s a distinct possibility that your negative beliefs, attitudes and self-image are keeping love away from you. It may be time to do an overhaul so that you may attract the love of your life. 

Authentic Self-Love: To truly love another, it really helps to know how to love yourself. The journey into self-love begins with ending constant self-judgment and leads to claiming your self-worth. Then, you’ll be ready to share your wonderful self with the one you love.

Soul-Love Skills: Once you have love, you’ll need skill to: 

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  • Nurture and sustain a loving, peaceful and harmonious relationship 

  • Resolve conflict 

  • Cultivate heart-based communication

  • Express your needs, feelings and emotions with compassion

  • Break free from behaviors and patterns acquired from your family, society and peers

Conscious Relating: Relationship is a spiritual path, an art form where you:

  • Cultivate the inner strength to be vulnerable, undefended and authentic

  • Practice accepting each other as you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses

  • Strive to be fully present to each other emotionally, mentally and sexually 

  • Feel yourself growing and rising in love 

  • Blossom into the best version of yourself

I offer support for every kind of relationship or orientation without judgment or discrimination. All are welcome with love and non-judgment regardless of orientation (straight or LGBT), configuration (monogamy, non-monogamy, polyamory, etc.). I’m supportive of all pathways that lead to love and intimacy as long as they respect the free will and uniqueness of others.

You may enjoy reading my book Loving Soulfully: The Key to Rising in Love and benefit from the insights it presents for conscious relationships.