Spiritual Direction & Personal Growth Mentoring

Throughout history, the human race has felt a deep need to understand the meaning of life, where we came from and what or who created us. We‘ve reached out to religion, scriptures, gurus, priests, mystics, shamans and psychics to guide us. 

In the 21st century, this search has been accelerated for many of us. The consciousness of the planet has been rapidly evolving. Spirituality has become widespread and, at the same time, it has become increasingly practical, simple and dynamic. Millions of people now use spirituality as a means to bring about personal growth and spiritual evolution.

I believe that every experience we have has been created by us at some level. Our soul has chosen great challenges that may at times involve pain, suffering, disease or loss. The intent isn’t to make our lives miserable but rather to help us reach a stage where we become empowered, fearless and abundant beings.

Human suffering arises from the “mind computer” only because we’ve never been taught how to manage this complex machine. When we master the mind, we find that both happiness and misery are a choice, and we have the power to choose how we wish to experience our lives, regardless of circumstances. 

In the past, spiritual teachers taught people how to renounce the world to find themselves and God. In my opinion, the real challenge is to be “in the world but not of the world,” to stand in the eye of the storm surrounded by the chaos of city life, relationships and work and to find peace, wisdom and enlightenment there. Reading books and attending workshops on personal growth, self-improvement, spirituality or religion doesn’t necessarily make us self-realized or self-actualized. It takes a spiritual director, guide or mentor to support us in attaining our spiritual and personal growth goals. 

If what I’m saying resonates with you, if you need and want support on your spiritual path, then I’m here to be your personal spiritual guide. I can help you with: 

Self-Actualization: Spirituality isn’t about believing or having faith in something. It’s about growing, evolving, becoming and living your authentic actualized self—or, as I call it, “living soulfully.” I’m here to walk with you through the difficult terrain of inner transformation so that you may live your “self-improvement” and spiritual goals practically and effortlessly. 

Spiritual Empowerment: It’s time to reclaim your inner power and greatness, to manifest miracles and abundance, to be the best version of yourself, to become “godlike”—or, as I prefer to call it, soulful. Why? So that you may celebrate and enjoy life without judgment, fear, guilt or shame. Welcome to life filled with wisdom, grace, beauty and joy. It’s not a dream. It’s what our heart and soul has been longing for. And it’s possible here and now. 

Connection: The path of the mystics through the ages has been to have a direct connection with the Divine/Higher Self/Source/Universe/God. I’ll show you how to listen to your inner voice and live your highest truth. This most powerful of all spiritual paths to enlightenment is now brought to you in a simple, practical way that you can implement within the framework of your current, hectic lifestyle. Once you learn to connect to Source, I’ll show you how to bring this energy into the work you do and into your relationships.

Spiritual Wounding: Get free from guilt and shame caused by fear-based, judgmental faiths. 

Customized Path: Each of us is different and no one path can be perfect for all of us. I’ll help you design a process, a path and a way of life that will best suit your needs and personality. If you’re already on a spiritual or religious path, I’ll honor and work within the tenets of your faith, helping you grow in faith and evolve on your chosen path.

Dark Night of the Soul and Spiritual Emergency: If you’re experiencing any extremely challenging mental states, you may find that most medical and mental health professionals won’t be able to understand what you’re going through. They may put you on strong drugs that dull your sensibilities. I’m trained to support and guide you so that you may better understand the spiritual significance of what you’re going through and how to use the experience to grow and evolve even further.